Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fantasy Fans for Choice?
Simply put, we’re a small group of Fantasy and Science Fiction fans who are opposed to the restrictive reproductive laws recently adopted by several states. But we also believe we’re not alone and there are many others like us who wish for their voices to be heard. A Choice pin is the perfect accessory to show that you’re both a fan of fantasy as well as a supporter of an individual’s right to choose.

Where would my support make the most impact?
The following states have recently passed restrictive abortion laws: Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Georgia, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Utah, and Iowa, with more currently attempting to do so. However, the answer is anywhere really. These pins were designed to be shown off wherever fans of fantasy might gather. That said, if you’re planning on wearing one of our pins to a Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention, we advocate checking ahead of time with convention personnel to ensure you’re in compliance with their policies. We also ask that you not harass, annoy, or do anything to disrupt other convention goers’ enjoyment.

Do politics like this really have a place in Sci-Fi and Fantasy, especially conventions?
Truthfully, in a perfect world they should be left at the door. We’d much sooner spend our time arguing about dragons, magic swords, and starships. We likewise also realize the vast majority of convention goers are simply there to have fun. At the same time, a show of solidarity for those affected by these restrictive laws can be a powerful thing.

Hence why we’re selling pins and not advocating for boycotts or protests. Fantasy Fans for Choice is a peaceful show of solidarity for freedom of choice while also monetarily supporting a good cause.

Why a Rainbow Choice pin?
Fantasy Fans for Choice was primary created in response to the restrictive reproductive laws adopted by some states. However, we are against unfair discrimination in all its forms, no matter how anyone chooses to identify themselves. All net proceeds from the Rainbow Choice pin will be split between Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Please note: Fantasy Fans for Choice is not affiliated with either association so please check their respective websites for more information. Likewise, we’re more than cool if you’d prefer to donate to them directly.

How much will be donated from each pin sale?
While we’d love to donate 100% of all proceeds, Fantasy Fans for Choice is a small operation. There are no salaries being paid or profit sought from this operation, but we do have material and shipping costs to account for. We estimate that for every $2.00 pin sold, a donation of $1.35 will be made.

Do you sell larger buttons?
Currently all Choice buttons are 1.25 inches in diameter. However, we may consider adding additional sizes and designs as demand warrants.

Do you ship internationally?
While we’re hoping to eventually add an option for international shipping, at this time we only ship domestically to the U.S.

What forms of payment do you accept?
All transactions are currently processed through PayPal, including all major credit cards. You’ll be taken offsite to their secure shopping cart to complete your purchase.

Can I order in bulk?
We’re currently offering our Choice pins in packs of 10 and 20. If you’re interested in a larger order, please contact us.

What’s your return policy?
All sales are final. We do not accept returns or offer refunds once items have shipped. The sole exception are shipping errors. If your shipment didn’t arrive or arrived damaged, please contact us.